Program Information, Instructions & Timetable


Scientific Committee


Dean Morton, USA

Eugenio Nieto Grez, Chile


To be assigned

To be assigned

To be assigned


The information and instructions below are also provided in the following PDF document:
Guidelines for Scientific Committee

  1. Recruit invited speakers
  2. Finalize the scientific program schedule
  3. Review and select oral abstract presentations
  4. Review and select poster award nominations


Program Schedule Template

The following program template is drafted for a three (3) day program. Program Committee is not restricted to this format.

2017 Program Schedule

Program Template- Allotted Times for all oral presentations (Invited & abstracts) (to be determined)




The following time table chart will help us stay on time to complete conference matters.

Conference Time Table




When should Invited Speakers be appointed?

All invited speakers should be confirmed and posted to Program Template at least 16 months prior to meeting dates (2013 Meeting: June 1, 2012)

Disclosure Statements:

All presenters must acknowledge whether their presentation is supported or bias in any way to a specific corporate product.

What do Invited Speakers receive?

Non-Members: Prosthodontists as non-members do not receive an honoraria or travel, but do receive one year membership and waived registration fee.


Members are asked to pay registration fee, to support their organization and receive no compensation.

NOTE: You should acknowledge these stipulations in your initial correspondence to all invited speakers.

Upon appointment, the ICP administration office will email and mail confirmation letters. Ask your ICP Administration office for copy of Invited Speaker letter to review content of letter.

What do Invited Speakers submit?

  • Presentation Abstract paper or summary of presentation (not more than 350 words).
  • A short (150 words or less) Biography. Please, no CV's
  • A color passport-like Photo (A minimum of 300 dpi resolution is best for reproduction).

Submit all to: ICP Administration Office



Oral Presentations

Who reviews abstracts?

Scientific Committee reviews all oral presentation abstracts and poster abstracts. Program Chair determines how the Scientific Committee judges oral abstracts for acceptance.

How do you review abstract papers?

All abstracts are submitted over the internet and therefore all abstract papers are posted to our ICP web site in formatted template form (as printed in conference program book).

The ICP administration office will provide an internet URL address that requires a log-in password. Upon posting password all abstract authors are listed and you can review all abstracts.

On this web based page you will have the option to select for: Oral presentation, Poster Presentation, Poster Award Nominations and Reject Paper for Presentation.

After selecting your choice, press "Submit" button at bottom of page. Your choices will default to your selection. You can return to Abstract Selection web page and change your selections as you see appropriate. The ICP administration office will work with your committee during this process.

When do you review oral abstracts?

Beginning on the first day after Oral Presentation Submission deadline date. After all selections are completed, the Program Chair posts selections on to the Program Template worksheet and emails to ICP Administration office.

When must all oral presentations be selected?

Program schedule must be completed within 2 weeks after Deadline Date. The ICP registration brochure goes to print (with all oral presentations posted) soon thereafter.

What happens to oral abstracts that are not accepted?

Those papers not accepted for oral presentation are strongly encouraged to present a poster presentation.


Poster Presentations

When do you review poster abstracts?

Posters abstracts are reviewed the first day after Poster Presentation Deadline date.

Do we reject any poster abstracts?

All poster abstracts are accepted that relate to conference topics.




Who selects posters for Poster Award consideration?

The Scientific Committee selects at least 10 deserving posters based on content of abstract paper.

NOMINATION: All posters will be included for judging. Due to the large number of posters submitted, poster abstracts will be reviewed upon submission. A limited number of abstracts will be considered for poster award nomination, based on the quality of the abstract.

Who judges Posters for awards during ICP Meeting?

The Education and Research Committee judges posters.




Who selects moderators?

Scientific Committee selects all session moderators

How many moderators?

Two per session. Sessions are AM before lunch and PM after lunch for each lecture room for each day. Make sure at least one speaks good english.

NOTE: The ICP office will email moderators all abstracts within their respective session for review before arriving at conference site.


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