Continuing Education

The ICP provides resources to support continuing education and growth of the specialty and discipline of prosthodontics.  The ICP and the ICP Education and Research Foundation are aligned to expand education, research and growth opportunities in prosthodontics. Biennial Conferences held in different locations throughout the world provide opportunities to earn CE Credits, participate in workshops, and learn from international leaders and influencers in prosthodontics.  


"Residents in the ICP Global Classroom"

This is a new webinar program where prosthodontic departments can interact with each other, review a case and provide an educational open discussion.
If you would like your Prosthodontic Program to participate in a "Residents in the ICP Global Classroom" webinar, please contact the ICP Administration Office.

Upcoming Resident Webinar:

Speaker: Dr. Charles Goodacre, USA
Title: A Contemporary Approach to Occlusion: What Do We Know About Prosthodontic Occlusions?
Wednesday, March 27, 11:00-12:50 EST
Webinar Moderator: Dr. Limor Avivi-Arber
Panelist: Dr. Sreenivas Koka

Previous Resident Webinars:

These webinars have been recorded and can be found on the Members Only side of the ICP website by clicking on the 'Prosthodontic Webinars & Discussion' icon on the bottom of your membership page. You will need your ICP username and password to access these recordings at no cost to you.

A Full Maxillary Rehabilitation-
Challenges & Reflections


Single Classroom:
South Africa
Presenter: Karen Bennie (ZA)

Treatment Planning: Implant Complications and a Need
for Re-Treatment


Classroom A:
Classroom B: Australia
Presenter: Noorein Hajira (CA)

Treatment Decisions, Evidence
and the Patient


Classroom A: South Africa
Classroom B: Canada
Presenter: Michael Michael

Treatment Decisions, Evidence and the Patient- What would you do?


Classroom A: South Africa
Classroom B: Canada
Presenter: Michael Michael


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