ICP Presidential Message

Greetings to all our ICP members!
Now that we, starting from 1st January 2018, take over the Co-Presidency of ICP from Mario Bresciano and Brian Fitzpatrick, it is a good occasion to look back on their successful Presidency and to look forward to the coming period.

Mario Bresciano and Brian Fitzpatrick, heading their team of Officers and Counselors, did a lot of work behind the scenes and out of the direct sight of the ICP membership. What stands out most are the implementation of new grants and prizes for young researchers and members of ICP interested in doing research, together with professionalized procedures to apply for these grants. Another big issue was the update of standard operating procedures for the ICP board, which intensified the professionalization of the organization. Speaking of professionalization, we take a moment to reflect on the retirement of Eben Yancy, who as director of RES, was responsible for many years as the professional back-up of ICP. Although we have full trust in his committed successor Lynn Reeves, the ICP will miss his wisdom and engagement. Eben is owed ICP’s gratitude for all the work he has done for the College.

Most visible in the past two years was, of course, our bi-annual meeting in Santiago, Chili. It was the first occasion that the ICP held a conference in South America. The Scientific Program Committee, headed by Dr. Dean Morton on behalf of the ICP, and Dr. Eugenio Neito Grez on behalf of our local partner Sociedad de Protesis y Rehabilitacion Oral de Chile (SPROCh) – composed a program that addressed mainly two topics: one was the role and use of digital technologies in prosthodontics, the other was focusing on providing simple and minimal invasive treatment interventions to improve patients’ oral health-related quality of life. These two topics suggest covering two ends of the prosthodontic spectrum, but were brought under the conference theme of “Less is More“ in a very natural way as belonging together. Besides an interesting scientific program, the organizers provided us with excellent social outings and activities.

Usually, the even years show a quieter international scientific presence of ICP, but in 2018, ICP will participate in a combined scientific conference in conjunction with the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry (AIOP). ICP accepted an invitation of AIOP to participate in a two-day congress on Occlusion, Treatment Planning and Full-Arch on Implants in Riccione, Italy from April 13th to 15th, 2018. Another important activity, in which ICP is involved, is the Young Prosthodontic Educators workshop that will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany in October 2018. This initiative of the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Prosthodontics Dr. George Zarb, who chairs this workshop together with the director of the Dental Academy for Continuing Professional Development in Karlsruhe, Dr. Winfred Walther, is supported in part by the ICP, as proof of its engagement in not only research but also in educational matters. Through the Education Grants program, the ICP provides a portion of the financial support required for this unique workshop, which allows talented young prosthodontic educators to work together with a faculty of renowned senior prosthodontic scholars from all over the globe. In 2018 your team comprising the Co-Presidents, Scientific Program Chairs, related Committees and RES, will be working diligently to continue to place the essential pieces together as we head toward the 18th International ICP Biennial Meeting, to be held together with the European Prosthodontic Association (EPA) in September 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Nicola U. Zitzmann and Nico H.J. Creugers
ICP Co-Presidents

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