Membership Classifications

The ICP is "Rolling Back to the Good Old Days" for 2021,
in partnership with Quintessence Publishing USA, publisher of The International Journal of Prosthodontics.

*Constituent- $275/year $250/year for 2021 (calendar year: Jan-Dec)

Individuals who have completed an accredited formal prosthodontic training program or are licensed as a prosthodontist by their governing body/licensing authority for dentistry. In countries with no specialty course in prosthodontics, those who hold membership in local or gerional prosthodontic organizations as well as full-time senior teachers in prosthetic dentistry will qualify for constituent membership. Documents required to confirm certification as a prosthodontist, teacher, or prosthodontic organization member..

*Affiliate- $275/year $250/year for 2021 (calendar year: Jan-Dec)

Affiliates are individuals who do not qualify for constituent membership because they have not completed formal prosthodontic training nor are they licensed as prosthodontists by the governing body for dentistry in their country or state, or their equivalents, but have demonstrated sustained contributions to prosthodontics. Affiliates may not vote in College business or elections and may not hold elective office.

*Scientist is interpreted by the ICP as a clinical or basic scientist with graduate degree qualifications who has demonstrated a contribution to the specialty of prosthodontics.

Student Affiliate- $120/year $75/year for 2021 (calendar year: Jan-Dec)

Students who are enrolled full time in an accredited graduate prosthodontic program at a university. A signed letter from program director required. The IJP is not included with dues. Journal can be added at time of membership dues payment for $95.00

Lower Developed Countries $150/year for 2021(calendar year: Jan-Dec)

 Link to View List of Lower Developed Countries

Note: All dues must be paid by June 1st, to avoid $85.00 delinquency fee. (Waived for 2020)
A $55.00 No Processing Fee will be added to First Time Affiliate and Constituent
applications submitted in 2021.

Organizational Member- No fees

National / International Prosthodontic Membership Organizations devoted to the specialty of prosthodontics.
Example ICP , AIOP, CSA, KAP, etc.
Organization Page

New Member Applications

Apply On-line: link to>>All Membership classifications (credit card payments only)

Note: All applications are reviewed by the Membership Chair prior to approval.

Printable Forms (Mail check | faxed payment | email payment)
link to>> Constituent or Affiliate application form (PDF)
link to>> Student Affiliate application form (PDF)

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