ICP Poster Award Recipients

to all who participated
at the 2019 Amsterdam meeting!

ICP Poster Awards, generously sponsored in 2019 by Ivoclar Vivadent, are presented to exemplary poster presentations at the ICP biennial meetings. The recent September, 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands biennial meeting hosted a record 144 outstanding poster presentations from our ICP members with 331 posters total. The following ten were recognized for their award-winning presentations:

Poster abstracts and digital posters of award winners can be viewed by ICP members on their "Member Page", on the Continuing Education: Presentations ICON. We wish to thank all who presented and appreciate your continued support!

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Arwa Alsaggaf
Effect of Denture Wear on Residual Ridge in Edentulous Patients: Case Control Study

Alsaggaf, Arwa *, Fenlon, Michael
King's College London, Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia.
Department of Prosthodontics
London, Uk, United Kingdom


Maha Al-Sahan
Developing a Metatheory of How People Manage Tooth Loss

Al-Sahan, Maha *, Macentee, Michael I; Bryant, S Ross
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Bc, Canada
Department of Prosthodontics & Dental Geriatrics, Faculty of Dentistry
Vancouver , Bc, Canada


Asja Celebic
Mini-Implants Supported Kennedy Class I Removable Partial Eentures - a 3-Year Follow-Up Outcomes

Celebic, Asja *, Kovacic, Ines; Disha, Visar; Topic, Jolanda; Poljak-Guberina, Renata; Persic, Sanja
School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb
Zagreb, , Croatia (Hrvatska)


Giulia Gallo
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Lithium Disilicate Partial Crowns: 3-Year Results

Gallo, Giulia *, Ferrari Cagidiaco, Edoardo1 ; Joda, Tim2 ; Ferrari, Marco1
School of Dental Medicine-Siena University, Italy; University of Basel, Basel, Leeds, Switzerland
Prosthodontics and Dental Materials
Siena, Toscana, Italy


Sareh Habibzadeh
Does Selection of Post and Core Material Influence The Fracture Strength of Endodontically Treated Teeth?

Habibzadeh, Sareh *, Esmalizadeh, Shima 2
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Dental School, International Campus,
School of Dentistry/Research Center for Science and Technology In Medicine,
Department of Prosthodontics
Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Zi Ying Phang
Hybrid Digital–Analog Workflow in Fabricating Orbital Prosthesis: A Case Report

Phang, Zi Ying *, See Toh, Yoong Liang
National Dental Center Singapore Department of Restorative Dentistry,
Prosthodontics Unit


Zhi Hui Janice Tan
3-D Positional and Mating Accuracy of Intraoral and Laboratory Implant Scan Bodies

Tan, Zhi Hui Janice *, See Toh, Yoong Liang; Wong, Kuan Yee; Tan, Ming Yi; Tan, Beng Choon Keson
National University of Singapore


Fu-Chuan Tsai
Comparison of Accuracy of Complete Dentures Fabricated with CAD/CAM Fechnology

Tsai, Fu-Chuan *, Yang, Tsung-Chieh, Wang, Tong-Mei, Lin, Li-Deh
National Taiwan University, Taipei,
Taiwan Graduate Institute of Clinical Dentistry and School of Dentistry
Taichung City, , Taiwan, China


Xianzhen Xin
Delivery Vehicle of Muscle-Derived Irisin Based on Silk/Calcium Silicate/Sodium Alginate Composite Scaffold for Bone Regeneration

Xin, Xianzhen *, Jiannan Wu, Ao Zheng, Delong Jiao, Yang Liu, Lingyan Cao, Xinquan Jiang
Shanghai Ninth People’S Hospital
Department of Prosthodontics
Shanghai, Huangpu District, China


Lianyi Xu
Histological Change of Ossification/Osseointegration Within the Center of BMP-2 Enhanced Tissue-Engineered Bone on Rabbit Models

Xu, Lianyi *
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Department of Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry
Wuhan, Hubei, China



The Poster Awards cannot take place without the generosity and vision of the 2019 Poster Award Sponsor - Ivoclar Vivadent, allowing the ICP to continue our mission... internationally promoting the specialty and discipline of prosthodontics.

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